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Talk about Race

Post  Admin on Tue Nov 09, 2010 10:08 pm

This is for any racist white people:

Who is responsible to teach children about their heritage? Their parents are, or their guardians or themselves. Not God, not the government, not santa claus only themselves.

Don't blame Jews or some other group for the failures of your own people. Blame them. Take self responsibility and hold your group responsible. Have a mindset of earning your way in life and doing things yourself, or in the least through your immediate network. Do not rely on race as a crutch for your weakness, religion should not be a crutch for your weakness.

Hraftzer culture is a tool. It is a sword in the hand of a strong warrior, not a crutch for the weak. True Hraftzers will not spend time complaining, blaming others and so forth. That will not be tolerated on this forum. If you criticize something- have an active solution or a better suggestion, no criticism only for the sake of criticism!

Any ethnic preservation efforts again, should come from the people themselves, not collective action. The failures of a race are the fault of the race. For example Chinese people keep their traditions and people alive, even in countries like the United States or Belize Chine towns flourish! This is because the people themselves do it. whereas racist whites whine that their race is being destroyed and that they need to take over the government in order to correct the situation. Since when do people need the government to solve all their problems? Solve your own problems!


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