01-2012 to 06-2012 JIP Real Estate Chicago

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01-2012 to 06-2012 JIP Real Estate Chicago

Post  Realdeal on Fri Jan 13, 2012 3:20 pm


I like the Hraftzer Society project and I'm willing to work with people associated with this community. It's good that people want to take responsibility for themselves and be socially responsible.

Currently I have an LLC Real Estate Investment Group in the Chicago area. Right now we are sitting on about $750,000 worth of rental property (mostly apartments) with a net income of around $45,000 (a 6% cashflow return) annually plus property appreciation. This is including maintenance, insurance and other expenses already being factored in.

While the stock market in the US in 2011 lost about 2.5% and many businesses were folding we were neting a 6% return. During more robust times we could expect an 8% return, with little to no associated risks.

Right now we are facing a buyers market in which it would be in our own best interests to expand capital. At the same time bank financing is hard to come by. We are willing to take investments in increments as small as $15,000 and share our average net return during a fiscal year (6-8% on average). There is no better deal on a low risk small investment right now.

The conditions: We ask for a private meeting with potential investors along with some background checks and character measurements. We are aiming our service at less fortunate individuals (with high character qualities) wanting to improve their situation. We can also allow potential investors to "work off" a percentage of their investment (though not all of it).

I will not reveal my identity online and initial meetings will be through a representative at an established public location (possibly a restaurant). Depending on demand this deal will close at or before June 2012.

Thanks for your interest.


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