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American College Degree Networking

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The best strategy I can think of would be this:

poor yet smart and motivated? Go to a community college and get a two year degree. Upon this a Hraftzer investor can review your application and your grades and determine if you are worth investing in. A contract can be made up and signed and a "scholarship" awarded (this scholarship is a tax write off for our investor! It may be useful to use a non-profit corporation as a middle man for these transactions).

The young student now can afford to go to a regular 4 year university (partly on his own money and loans and the part he can't afford paid for by the investor). When he graduates with a degree in something like business management he can be hired by the net-work or can get a job on his own and partly repay his award in cash, and partly through doing service for the community.

The best way to get ahead is to empower each other!

Salaries of people with a bachelor degree in accounting (business management is virtually the same):

Accounting, tax preparation, bookkeeping, and payroll services $61,480
Management of companies and enterprises 59,820
Insurance carriers 59,550
Local government 53,660
State government 51,250

source is the U.S. department of labor which is 100% accurate they have records of all people paying taxes!


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