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Re: Optimal College Degrees

Post  Admin on Thu Nov 11, 2010 6:54 pm

Bullshit degree: associate of business management.

(like I said very very few associate degrees are worth getting unless you just want to use them in order to transfer to a 4 year bachelor degree and higher), like most associate degrees this one doesn't count for much. Once you earn this degree (after wasting 2 or 3 years or your life and possibly being in debt) you will be able to go to a McDonalds or some other business and asked to be "trained" to be mid-level management. Most of these manager are trained from the bottom and don't have any degrees. Most of the top management have bachelor or master degrees in business management so you probably wont be going there unless maybe it is a company with really low standards and low pay like maybe McDonalds.

The degree is good you take basic education classes for your 1st year in all degrees (English, Math etc.) and maybe even a little more than a year of this. then you take a few classes that teach the basics of business (economics, some minor business law etc.) and the main important class you take is accounting which actually gives you the real basic business skills. Management is basically people skills (telling people what to do) and then accounting (the paper work aspect).

If you want to make some real big money and write your own mean ticket go after a bachelor degree in accounting. This is where you can get hired by big time businesses and handle their taxes, their earnings reports, taxes etc. Not all people are cut out for this kind of work though. Many people don't want to take these kind of classes but if you take some accounting classes and like it, this might be for you! A person with a degree in accounting also could easily manage a restaurant or small business, and is actually probably more qualified in some ways than a person with business management degree because an accountant knows the laws and codes quite well.

A bachelors in business management is also good stuff. A person with a business management degree does take accounting classes but is not specialized in tax codes and math to the same degree as an accountant, the two degrees are very similar though. The business management degree will also involve classes related to business and management as an emphasis.

Any degree in philosophy, art, etc. obviously will not get you a job!

An associate degree worth getting:

associate degree in nursing, radiology, or sonography. Remeber though most of these will be highly competitive. The main problem with medical degrees is that they involve on the job training "clinical". When you take all your classes you may have to wait several years to finish your degree. that means dropping out of school and waiting until there is an opening where you can go to a hospitol and get trained! this is a real problem if you take out student loans. Something to consider.

These jobs also involve working very hard. They mainly are for poor people that are highly motivated and in a way are not great deals. Though these jobs will pay well!

A person with a two year Nursing degree will earn about $700 or $800 a week but this involves often being "on call" where a person can call you in the middle of the night for an emergency, working double shifts etc. A nurse can earn more than this if they do a lot of on call work, weekend work etc. (which usually pays time and a half).


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Re: Optimal College Degrees

Post  Lucius11 on Tue Jan 10, 2012 3:54 pm

One might want to consider a degree in information technology (IT) as a way to get "in the door" on many high salary jobs, including government jobs. Many community colleges offer an IT degree (if one is from a poor background), which serves as an adequate "entry level" job which can lead to some serious money. Or on the other end some high level business schools may offer bachelor or master degrees in IT as well.


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