What is Hraftzer?

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What is Hraftzer?

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Hraftzer is a modern culture formed by some inspired people, but is largely based on ancient Aryan concepts and ideas and reflects much of the noble culture of Classical Greece and Rome as well as early Germanic and other North European peoples.

Hrafnar: is the emerging ethno-genesis. An emerging white community based on good breeding and Hraftzer culture. We believe that the culture affects the blood and the blood affects the culture. In classical terms "religion" and "ethnicity" were the same thing!

Hraftzer culture can be used by anyone of any ethnicity as a religious or philosophical system. Our networks can also be used by anyone of estimable value in order to improve themselves! We seek to work together with people in order to achieve more in this life and we greatly value anyone who can join our net-work and contribute something and hopefully in the process learn a respect for European culture and people.

In this age of degeneracy and defectiveness the rich are hated, the beautiful hated, white people are hated, males are hated, and so forth. Hraftzer stands in opposition to multiculturalism, modern Liberalism, modern Marxism, Christianity, and various forms of degeneracy. We believe in improving ourselves, in reaching for excellense, we believe in Greek reason (the scientific method, observing the world, and rational argument), we believe in competition. We also believe that human beings should take care of themselves and not expect God, Santa Claus, the government or some other magick force to solve their problems. Our happiness comes from within. If we do not produce food then we will starve! The rules of nature are very simple and other people on this earth are not following such basic rules and therefore they will fail and suffer in the future as a result! Reality may be relative but there are basic rules of success that are universally true!

We like to preserve our white community and people into the future as a unique and valued people! We like to embrace globalism and gaining an understanding of other cultures and people, but without the need to blend with them and forget our own existance! We want a place where we can learn about our white culture without being attacked by Marxists. We want a place where we can be proud of self improvement and success again without being attacked by Marxist! The loser wants to drag everyone down into failure with him rather than rise up and improve himself and we see this world as largely being composed of losers today! We must resist!

Absolutely the key to success and power is working together. 3 people who can work together are more powerful than a much smarter person working alone. Working harder, being smarter and so forth are very good but do not count for as much as networking! But we must be sure to maintain the quality of the network by weeding out parasites and those who do not benefit the group! This is key. We also encourage local small scale groups!

Hraftzer is above all about relationships- our relationship with other people, our relationship with our enviornment and so forth. We seek to improve our relationship with the world around us and thus achieve an ultimate spiritual experience of happiness and success!


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