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Optimal Jobs

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I probably shouldn't have put that under "business" deals so I'll post here as well. Obviously I assume people who live in the United States. Europe has similar job opportunities, a truck driver there pays slightly less and wages vary with country, but it is very similar, for example.

Any person living in a poorer country (East Europe, South America etc.) obviously will not find such opportunities. Their best bet at prosperity (unless they know of some good paying jobs) would be to connect with an investor from a wealthier country and buy some farm land or something. The highest profit yields in a nation with a weak currency involves production of goods- farming, manufacturing etc. Everything can be pursued with minimal investment because land is cheap, currency exchange rates favorable etc.

People living in wealthier nations should seek out jobs such as what is listed- those involved transport of goods, commerce etc. but ones which exclude people (thus driving up the wage). For example living on an offshore oil rig excludes many people who don't want to do it. Driving a truck excludes those under 21 and those who haven't earned a CDL, it excludes drug users and those with criminal records (for most employers).

In the end jobs usually don't pay well, but just give someone whatever the "average" standard of living is for an area. For our purposes a job should be a tool in order to save money to become an investor. Rich people are not "workers" but rather leaders who are owning and running companies, real estate etc. a third rung would be intellectual work (movies, books, music etc.) which are highly profitable given copyright law, as well political work (being a political leader) naturally not a far cry from a business leader.

Even people who have large salaries from College degrees are really only middle class. Many of them live pretty nicely and have a lot of money, but they are not on top. Even the top paid professions like Doctors and Lawyers require many years of school which is expensive and a huge amount of work. And still making $100,000 a year is considered doing quite well.

Many lawyers make a lot because they own and operate their own law firms. A business owner or investor can easily earn over $100,000 a year.

The majority of real winners do have a college degree and they are qualified to work at a good paying job, but they are also investors! A person might go to school for example and become a nurse, or maybe engineer, but also begin buying real estate property on the side. A person might become a lawyer and work in law for several years, but invest on the side and then later go into politics or owning a business! That is how the elites operate. They diversify their revenue stream, they don't rely on one thing like a job. The job is just a tool- a stepping stone to putting themselves in a better position. The ultimate skill for an elite is learning how to save money- how to buy things cheaper, not spend and conserve. This maximizes efficiency and allows them to have excess money to put into investments and such. The elite also understands that human social networks are a form of 'wealth' that can't be replaced with money.


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