How We Can Get Rich

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How We Can Get Rich

Post  Admin on Wed Nov 10, 2010 1:47 pm

We need to work together. It's that simple. We can do together what we could never do alone.

The key to wealth is competence and resources. If you are of low intelligence, bad habits, not a team player etc. I cannot change that and don't want you in my network. If, however, you have the best of instincts naturally, and also very bright and talented, you still need to learn from others and have a solid basis of understanding- basic education.

Formal education doesn't tell you how to manage your finances, or how to run a business, or how to find the best opportunities. They don't teach you how to maximize your ability to deal with others. And if they do teach you any of these things- it probably was not effective. High schools, Colleges, Universities they are all based on turning out workers! People who can do a job and be told what to do. They aren't focused on turning out leaders unless you are going to Harvard or Princeton and even those schools are indoctrination camps for Marxism rather than free thinking.

So we learn from like minded individuals and empower ourselves with the most effective knowledge and techniques.

I said the key to success is competence and resources. Well if you have a decent I.Q. and personality and now you have learned a lot by being here on this forum and have for at least a year or two been in contact with people who are focused on successful ways of thinking and doing you then got the first part down (sort of- experience also counts for a lot, but we got to learn that as we go!). So now we need resources.

That's where a team comes into play. If I had money I could make money. I would be focused on highly productive and highly profitable actions- real estate investment, buying, owning, and running businesses (restaurants, stores, etc.), stock market investments etc.

Instead I have to beg for a low paying job and feel lucky if I get to scrub someone's toilette in exchange for some pocket change that isn't even 10% of what he is making with his business investments.

Now what if 10 people came together and put their pocket change together and bought a rental property? It's a start. This can be expanded into more properties and one can work their way up to businesses.

There are also opportunities and investors. Someone else might see a good opportunity. Someone else might have a few bucks to invest and so on. We need to net-work and list the opportunities, business plans etc. we have and work together.

before I will trust anyone with money though I need a net-work of trust. I need to know you are competent and trustworthy. That's where being in the net-work comes into play. People serious about business need to be serious about forming relationships.


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